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Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday's Vehicle - 1961 Chrysler 300 G

Killing the recovery

Oliver rejects economic stimulus advice

In yet another example of the Harper government’s unsettling tendency to make snap decisions based on dogma rather than consultation and calm deliberation, Finance Minister Joe Oliver has quickly dispensed with advice to put job creation ahead of eliminating the deficit.

The recommendation to grow jobs is in a C.D. Howe Institute report, released Wednesday, by William Scarth, an economics professor at Hamilton’s McMaster University, a consultant to Finance Canada, the Economic Council of Canada and Statistics Canada and a senior economics policy fellow with the Reserve Bank of Australia.

In his report, Mr. Scarth argues that given Canada’s, and indeed the world’s, low interest rates and weak economic performances, more government spending is an effective way to stimulate the economy.

Pointing out that monetary policy in Canada and the U.S. cannot reasonably lower interest rates much more, Mr. Scarth advises the Harper government to wait another three years to eliminate the deficit.

Keeping the deficit at 0.5 per cent of GDP, instead of eliminating it, would create some 75,000 new jobs.

Well duuuhhhh!

Chief justice cleared in spat with Stephen Harper government

 The International Commission of Jurists slammed the Prime Minister for remarks that were critical of Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin.

"An international legal body has cleared Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin in her efforts to communicate with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government over a judicial appointment to her court last year, and slammed the prime minister for remarks it says hurt her moral ...authority, integrity and public confidence in the judiciary.

 The Geneva-based International Commission of Jurists, in a letter to a group of Canadian lawyers and legal academics who asked it to investigate, said it concluded that McLachlin’s move to flag a potential legal problem was “not inappropriate.”

On the contrary, Harper’s and his officials’ remarks were the problem, it said."

These pigs feed at the taxpayers trough

Conservative Party staffers counter-protest at Gaza solidarity rally in Ottawa

Over 1,500 people protested in solidarity with Gaza at Prime Minister Harper's office in Ottawa on Tuesday, before marching through the city. While marching past the Prime Minister's Office, a small group of counter-protesters were waving Israeli flags and shouting at the protesters. The protest remained peaceful, but media is now reporting that the group of counter-protesters were, in fact, made up largely of Conservative Party staffers.

Several questions need to be asked: Were these staffers from the Conservative Party trying to provoke the Gaza solidarity rally, and if so, why? Were they there of their own accord or were they sent there by the Conservative Party? Is our government so desperate in its defence of the Israeli government's indefensible war crimes that it is now resorting to trolling protests that support peace? It appears that the Prime Minister has a lot of explaining to do.

Chinese Torture - a good lesson to be gained here.

A young man was wandering, lost, in a forest when he came upon a small house. Knocking on the door he was greeted by an ancient Chinese man with a long, gray beard. “I’m lost,” said the man. “Can you put me up for the night?”
“Certainly,” the Chinese man said, “but on one condition. If you so much as lay a finger on my daughter I will inflict upon you the three worst Chinese tortures known to man.” “OK,” said the man, thinking that the daughter must be pretty old as well, and entered the house. Before dinner the daughter came down the stairs. She was young, beautiful and had a fantastic figure. She was obviously attracted to the young man as she couldn't keep her eyes off him during the meal. 
Remembering the old man’s warning he ignored her and went up to bed alone. But during the night he could bear it no longer and snuck into her room for a night of passion. He was careful to keep everything quiet so the old man wouldn’t hear and, near dawn, he crept back to his room, exhausted but happy.
He woke to feel a pressure on his chest. Opening his eyes he saw a large rock on his chest with a note on it that read, “Chinese Torture 1: Large rock on chest.” “Well, that’s pretty crappy,” he thought. “If that’s the best the old man can do then I don’t have much to worry about.” He picked the boulder up, walked over to the window and threw the boulder out. As he did so he noticed another note on it that read “Chinese Torture 2: Rock tied to left testicle.” In a panic he glanced down and saw the line that was already getting close to taut. Figuring that a few broken bones was better than castration, he jumped out of the window after the boulder. As he plummeted downward he saw a large sign on the ground that read, “Chinese Torture 3: Right testicle tied to bedpost.”
Thanks Heidi

Luis Suarez

 Breaking news :

    Food critic Luis Suarez confirms Italians taste better than Serbians

    Luis Suarez is to be handed a 2 year punishment by Fifa....
    He must spend another 2 years living in Liverpool...!!

    Luis Suarez is said to be worth over £100m.....
    Well that's the estimate from the tooth fairy....!!

     So, Luis Suarez has been banned from all football related activities
for 4 months....
    The poor man is gonna starve to death. ..!!

Thanks Heidi

Scottish Compassion

A man was sitting on a blanket at the beach.
He had no arms and no legs.
Three women, from England , Wales , and Scotland , were walking past and felt sorry for the
poor man.

The English woman said "Have you ever had a hug?"
The man said "No," so she gave him a hug and walked on.

The Welsh woman said, "Have you ever had a kiss?"
The man said, "No," so she gave him a kiss and walked on.

The Scottish woman came to him and said, "'ave ya ever
ever been screwed  laddie.
The man broke into a big smile and said, "No".
She said, "Aye, well ya will be when the tide comes in."

Thanks Richard

From now on...

Thanks Richard

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday's Vehicle - 1966 Renault Dauphine Commercial


Heartless on the Hill

Mr. Harper, Call Off CRA's Attack Dogs and Start Treating Taxpayers With Care

An Open Letter to Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada
Dear Stephen,

Please cast your mind back to the summer of 2001. You were the president of the National Citizens' Coalition. I was a lawyer in private practice. The two of us, together with the head of a Canadian think tank, had a conference call. We discussed the idea of setting up a charitable organization that would bring court challenges against laws and government actions that violated citizens' rights.
We all thought something needed to be done. Individual Canadians were being trampled by an ever-growing state.

Maybe the courts could help, we thought. You yourself were fresh from a courtroom victory (Harper v. Canada (Attorney General), 2001 ABQB 558 -- later, unfortunately, overturned) in which the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench struck down federal election spending limits as violations of freedom of expression and freedom of association.

No specific action was decided upon in that conference call, but here we are 13 years later. You are now the Prime Minister of Canada. I am now the litigation director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF). The CCF is a registered charity that brings court challenges against laws and government actions that violate citizens' rights -- exactly the sort of institution we talked about thirteen years ago.

Read more:

I'm sure you're too busy to pay much attention to what the CCF has been doing, so let me tell you about a recent victory we achieved. We assisted a taxpayer named Irvin Leroux in getting a decision from the BC Supreme Court, holding that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) owed him a duty of care and breached its duty towards him. This was a precedent-setting ruling: never before had the CRA been told by any court that it had a duty towards individual taxpayers to treat them with care, and not to be negligent towards them. The horror stories I've heard over the past four years, as we've shepherded Mr. Leroux's case through the courts, have convinced me that the CRA treats enormous numbers of taxpayers in a cavalier, irresponsible, bullying manner that brings shame upon the agency and everyone who is supposedly overseeing it.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday's Vehicle - 1965 Oldsmobile Starfire

Logic is dead in Harper's Canada

Canada Revenue Agency says 'preventing poverty' not allowed as goal for charity

OTTAWA - The Canada Revenue Agency has told a well-known charity that it can no longer try to prevent poverty around the world, it can only alleviate poverty — because preventing poverty might benefit people who are not already poor.

The bizarre bureaucratic brawl over a mission statement is yet more evidence of deteriorating relations between the Harper government and some parts of Canada's charitable sector.
The lexical scuffle began when Oxfam Canada filed papers with Industry Canada to renew its non-profit status, as required by Oct. 17 this year under a law passed in 2011.

Ottawa-based Oxfam initially submitted wording that its purpose as a charity is "to prevent and relieve poverty, vulnerability and suffering by improving the conditions of individuals whose lives, livelihood, security or well-being are at risk."

The international development group, founded in 1963, spends about $32 million each year on humanitarian relief and aid in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America, with a special emphasis on women's rights.

But the submission to Industry Canada also needed the approval of the charities directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency, and that's where the trouble began.

Agency officials informed Oxfam that "preventing poverty" was not an acceptable goal.

I didn't start it

Hi Folks  ................  Some of you will recognize the fellow in the PINK shirt, that’s Justin Trudeau (Pierre’s little boy) who is presently the leader of the Federal Liberal Party in Ottawa and could very well be the leader of Canada after the next federal election  .............   As it says below  “LORD, HELP US ALL!!”
Take a good look and try to remember the character’s behind the masks because chances are they will be part of Young Justin’s future cabinet!!
It’s time for a cabin in the bush!!!   -   Win
Better to have it out in the open, rather than the guy we have now with the popsicle stick up his arse that doesn't show.

The man who would lead Queens
The man who would be Queen
We have a choice.....
Thanks Ralph, Win and Ivan

Message from the wife

Got home real late last night after a full day of golfing
and hanging out with the guys, my wife left a message in the kitchen
I think she wants me to eat more fruit,
Bless her heart!
Thanks Heidi

How to Open a Can without Can Opener - Zombie Survival Tips #20

Thanks Kerry