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Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday's Vehicle - Papa Noel

Joyeux Noel - Merry Christmas

Each Christmas Season I have posted the attached sketch drawn by my father in 1921 at the age of 12 as a Yule greeting. This year, however I have decided to attach an article that I wrote for Silver and Gold magazine here in the Halton Region of Ontario. 

The subject is one that is and was dear to the heart of my family and is under attack by Stephen Harper’s irrational and relentless cuts to Canada’s social support programs so please bear with me as I express my feelings on the subject of fostering.


Children just want to know they matter. 

I don’t know how many times I have been asked “What is it like being a foster parent”? 

For me fostering was a normal part of growing up, as my experience began with my grandparents on my mother’s side and carried on with my parents, my sister and my wife and I. My uncle Herbert was a foster child in my grandparent’s home as was my aunt Dorthea. 

It is hard to explain the relationship between Herbie and I since he was always there, we had scarlet fever together, slept in the same bed and were just close. It wasn’t until he was no longer under the “system” and my grandparent’s offered him a choice of being adopted (he was 18) and becoming a Taylor or to carry on as a Harrison. Herbie decided to be adopted…. And I was honored with an uncle. 

I will be 70 at the end of November and Herbie is now 78, our relationship continues to this day. 

As for aunt Dorthea, she wasn’t adopted but the contact between our families continues to this day. I was best man at her daughter Lorrain’s wedding and am Godfather to her son. 

But better still I have nieces who I love and adore that were fostered in my sister’s home. My kids are FaceBook friends with them as am I and my wife. My nephews cancelled their vacation arrangements so they could fly to California and be an embarrassment to their foster sister at her wedding. Sometimes the relationship between foster child and natural child in a home can be better than between siblings. When my nephews ran into a financial bind with their business it was another of their foster sisters who helped them over the hump. My point being… you cannot write off the relationship that develops between a foster child and your natural child. 

My mom and dad ran an emergency home in Montreal and had more than 450 children pass through their home. They were nanny and gramps to these children. They provided love, security and stability to kids who were scared, upset and worried about what was going to happen to them. These kids wanted to know they mattered…. It wasn’t important to whom, what mattered was that omeone cared and nurtured them. 

I know that there are those of you that wonder “Can I Foster”? ….. “How will I deal with their parents”? “Will I have an emotional attachment to these kids”. And “How will my own children react”? If you take on the challenge of fostering you WILL have an emotional attachment, as kids are easy to love and once they are comfortable with you they return that affection. Remember they are just as scared as you are….. be patient, be understanding and don’t be too aggressive….. talk, talk, talk, but be sure to listen, listen, listen. 

As for your own kids, well if they are anything like my sister and I they will be excited to have a new sibling/friend to play with, to argue with and to grow up with. Kids don’t have the same preconceived prejudices that adults have…. They are more tolerant and giving. Just remember, if you have a rule for your child that rule applies to the foster child…. No preferential treatment for yours over theirs.  

Fostering is not easy but it is emotionally rewarding. First to know you have made a difference in a child’s life but most of all to know that the child will always remember what you did for them. 

When my wife and I first married we fostered several babies, yes you become attached and yes you cry when they go home to their parent, tears of happiness and tears of sadness. We adopted our first foster child, as did my parents, grandparents and my sister. 

Most people who put their children in foster care have either fallen on hard times or are in the midst of a separation. It is not your place to take sides or to discourage the child but rather to explain the situation with a positive approach. Remember these kids love their parents unconditionally and you are the stranger. Understanding, acceptance and patience are upper most. There will be times when their parent lets them down and it may annoy you however it is imperative that you overlook the failures of the parent and concentrate on the need of the child. 

Let them know you care, that they are important - not only to their parents but to you as well. And remember children are children no matter what their circumstance may be.

Beavis and Butt Head promote multi-round attack weapons as being toys for young boys

Santa Gives Child An AR-15 Rifle In Latest Ad From Canada's Gun Lobby

Canada's answer to the NRA is celebrating Christmas this year with an ad that features Santa giving a child the same weapon used in the Sandy Hook school shooting.

The image has been shared this week from the National Firearms Association's Facebook page and by its executive vice president Shawn Bevins on Twitter.


Comment by the blog administrator......

The NFA, NRA, Republicans and now the Conservative Party of Canada are trying to convince the general population that the AR-15 is a defensive weapon.

If you believe them then please check in to the nearest psychiatric ward..... you need help.

The AR-15 was designed as an attack weapon and has NEVER been used as a defensive weapon on North American soil. It has, however, been used as an attack weapon around the World.

I am not adverse to gun ownership nor to the sale of the AR-15 as a target and obstacle toy for big boys. I am against lies and the indiscriminate promotion of a weapon that is dangerous to the public when put in the hands of the wrong person.

Whats It Going To Take To WAKE UP Canada?

Ambulance Drone of the Technological University Delft, Netherlands

Check out the 'ambulance drone' that could one day save your life.
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This is the future of live saving emergency response system today.
Thanks Norman

Lynx Helicopter Operating Limit Development

Thanks Kerry

A Moose in a Maple Tree - The All Canadian 12 Days of Christmas

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday's Vehicle - 1975 Chevy Vega street rod

Is Stephen Harper the Teflon Prime Minister or will the scandals and economic mismanagement of Canada bring him and the CPC to defeat

Since coming to power in 2006 the Conservative Party of Canada, with Stephen Harper as "Supreme Leader", have been wrought with corruption, electoral fraud, robocalls, and the appointment of convicted and accused criminals as advisor to "The Supreme Leader" yet none of the dung these lowlife slime have inflicted on the Canadian taxpayer has stuck to Stephen Harper............ "YET"

The question is can he and the CPC survive the 2015 election?

Stephen Harpers mismanagement of the countries finances and social programs are coming to light on a daily basis as his adaptation of the 18th century principals of Edmund Burke, a British philosopher, have failed to work in the 21st century. In 2003, when the Reform/Alliance parties merged with the Progressive Conservatives Stephen Harper railed about how the newly formed CPC should adopt the theory of favouring private property and small government and look to society, rather than the state, to solve problems. They should resist public ownership, government intervention, egalitarian redistribution and state sponsorship of secular humanist values. In sum, they should be against most of what Canada’s Liberal governments stood for during decades of power.

What Stephen Harper has forgotten is that the World has changed since the 18th century and to go backwards while the rest of the World is moving forward will not and can not work.

Strong evidence of his failure to understand the modern World is how he shifted the Canadian economy from a manufacturing and science based economy to a resource based economy relying on high oil and mineral prices.... the problem, resource pricing is dictated by supply and demand, the higher the demand the higher the price. In a lagging economy demand is lower and the longer the World economy falters the lower resource pricing becomes.

What the Prime Minister has done is make Alberta's economy Canada's new economy. In the meantime he slashed corporate taxes, government departments and budgets in the middle of a World economic collapse leaving Canada in a very precarious position should resource prices remain low into 2015 and beyond. Lower prices means lower tax revenue across the country yet the Prime Minister insists he can balance the budget in 2015 regardless. It is important that you ask yourself.... How does that work?

The only way to balance the budget is to cut more programs, gut more budgets and tax the working class. In enacting his 18th century philosophy Stephen Harper is abdicating his responsibility to Canadians and to equality across the country. National programs will be picked up by the Provinces putting further pressure on them and creating more "have not" Provinces, more "have not" workers and more poverty.

What Stephen Harper thinks he is and what "The Economist" says he is are at totally different ends of the reality scale

Stephen Harper

The political predator

WHEN Stephen Harper led his Conservatives to victory in 2006 and formed a minority government, few Canadians expected it to last. The Liberals, who had dominated national politics for much of the past century, saw it as an interregnum. They did not have the measure of Mr Harper. Through the force of his personality and his ideas, the prime minister kept his party in power, winning a second minority in 2008 and then a majority in 2011. By the middle of this month he will have been in office longer than all but seven of Canada’s 22 prime ministers. Love him or loathe him, as Canadians do in equal measure, no one can deny that he is a remarkably successful politician.

But as parliament reconvenes this month for the last complete session before a general election, scheduled for October 2015, Mr Harper is in trouble. The baggage accumulated by all long-serving governments is weighing him down. The economy, supposedly a Conservative strong point, is fragile. For the first time in a decade Mr Harper is facing a popular Liberal leader, in Justin Trudeau. Mr Harper dismisses speculation that he might resign as “surreal”. But the window may be closing on his long-term project to remake Canada in the Conservative image.

A Liberal triumph would be a bitter blow for Mr Harper, who in his youth was a keen supporter of Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s father. He shifted to the Progressive Conservatives after he moved to the energy-rich western province of Alberta, and then road-tested a few right-leaning parties before deciding to set up his own. In 2003 he orchestrated a merger of the centrist Progressive Conservatives and the right-leaning Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance. Uniting the fractured right-of-centre parties into a new Conservative party gave him the clout in 2006 to displace scandal-stained Liberals.


But the prime minister’s biggest failing is his scant progress in moving the soul of Canada further to the right. Surveys indicate that Canadians feel government has a big role to play in their lives and they are not averse, at least theoretically, to paying higher taxes to make that happen. On social issues, they remain deeply liberal (see table). Mr Harper has changed people’s opinions of his own political prowess since 2006. But if he wants to change Canada, he may be running out of time.

Yet another waste of time and taxpayer dollars to pass a bill that is assured to fail.... stupid stupid Conservatives.

Bill C-525 Passes On Warning

The Senate last night passed a union decertification bill C-525 as one Conservative, the former corporate counsel for Irving Oil Ltd., suggested lawmakers had failed in their duty.

“The bill is flawed and defective,” said Senator John Wallace (Conservative-N.B.); “It goes to the heart of the fundamental responsibilities that each of us as Senators swore to undertake.” Wallace said rejection of the bill “goes to the very heart of why the Senate exists at all”; “I am unable and cannot support Bill C-525,” he said.

The Act To Amend The Canada Labour Code lowers the threshold of votes needed to trigger a decertification ballot from the current 50 percent to 40. And it repeals a decades-old membership card check system for certifying and disbanding unions in favour of secret balloting by employees.

The Senate constitutional affairs committee earlier discovered the bill was so badly drafted it contains mistaken clauses that inadvertently restrict the powers of the Public Service Labour Relations & Employment Board. Catherine Ebbs, board chair, said the error “is not trivial” and affects the panel’s ability to certify new bargaining agents.


Don't Let Sydney Siege Claim Your Freedom: Russell Brand The Trews (E212)

Merry Christmas

Thanks Marc

Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling - Studio C (Original)

Thanks Richard..... what a goalie.... what determination

The Haircut

A teenage boy had just passed his driving test and inquired of his father
as to when they could discuss his use of the car.
His father said he'd make a deal with his son, "You bring your grades up
from a C to a B average, study your Bible a little, and get your hair cut.
Then we'll talk about the car."

The boy thought about that for a moment, decided he'd settle for the offer,
and they agreed on it.

After about six weeks his father said, "Son, you've brought your grades up
and I've observed that you have been studying your Bible, but I'm
disappointed you haven't had your hair cut."The boy said, "You know, Dad, I've been thinking about that, and I've
noticed in my studies of the Bible that Samson had long hair, John the
Baptist had long hair, Moses had long hair, and there's even strong evidence
that Jesus had long hair."

(You're going to love the Dad's reply!)
"Did you also notice they all walked everywhere they went?"
Thanks Pat