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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday's Ride - Hillman Minx 1952

Quebec votes 2015 - Thanks Ivan

Sondage: le NPD se détache, net recul des conservateurs

Pour la première fois depuis le lancement de la campagne électorale au Canada, un sondage donne jeudi une large avance au Nouveau parti démocratique (NPD) et un recul marqué du Parti conservateur, au pouvoir depuis 2006.
Le NPD de Thomas Mulcair est crédité de 40% des intentions de vote, un niveau qui lui donnerait une majorité absolue à la Chambre des communes, selon le sondage de Forum Research pour le compte du quotidien Toronto Star.
Le parti conservateur du premier ministre sortant, Stephen Harper, majoritaire à la Chambre, chute à 23% des intentions de vote et c'est le Parti libéral (PLC) de Justin Trudeau qui s'installe à la deuxième place avec 30%, selon ce sondage.
Un précédent sondage publié mi-août donnait cette tendance pour les trois partis, mais avec des résultats plus serrés, avec le NPD à 33%, les libéraux à 28% et les conservateurs à 27%.
Selon le président de Forum Research, Lorne Bozinoff, la chute des conservateurs dans les intentions de vote résulterait à la fois des retombées sur l'image du gouvernement du procès du sénateur conservateur Mike Duffy accusé de fraude et corruption, comme des turbulences sur les marchés financiers et du ralentissement de l'économie.

From The Star

NDP in reach of majority, new poll suggests

A new poll puts the NDP with 40 per cent support, with the Liberals ahead of the Conservatives in second place with 30 per cent. The Tories have 23 per cent support.

And then we have the Bloc

The photo used is almost as good as the Duceppe one back in another federal election.

Thanks Ivan

1944 Gmc 3500 - Prescott, Ontario

I don't forget and I certainly cannot forgive

This is an attack on me by a former blogger several years ago. He crossed the line then and I have never forgotten.....

Sadly for him I am still here

Hospitalized Kitty Gets Picture and Message from Her Best Furiend. Sooo Heartwarming!

This cat received a picture and a heart warming message from her best furiend Jack when she was hospitalized at the clinic.
“This cat has been hospitalized at our clinic. When I came in the other day, I saw the owner had taped this picture in her cage and it’s the sweetest thing ever,” ilmazziere wrote via reddit.

Thanks Kerry

Only in Amsterdam: Tricycle Stunt In The Red Light District

Thanks Ivan.... I trust this is the right video you sent... the one from FB would not open

The Operating Room of the Future - InSightec - Dr. Kobi Vortman Technion...

Thanks Randy

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday's Ride - 1949 Mercedes 170V

Where's our ships Steve????

Chile’s $30 million supply ship – South American nation has capabilities Canada lacks

Ever since I wrote the article on the Chilean Navy ship, theAlmirante Montt, I have been receiving emails from readers questioning why that country is able to field such a capability when Canada cannot. (The RCN’s $2.9 billion Joint Support Ships are late in coming and not expected until at least 2020/2021).
Canada paid $6 million to Chile so that the Almirante Montt (show above in photo courtesy of DND) was available this summer for 40 sea days on the west coast. The ship was used to resupply Canadian warships and train RCN sailors in at-sea resupply skills.
The Almirante Montt is the former U.S. Navy supply ship Andrew J Higgins. The vessel was built in 1987 and mothballed by the U.S. in 1996. It was purchased by Chile in 2009.
Chile spent $30 million to purchase the ship and refurbish it, with the work being done in the U.S.
During that process, the engine systems were modernized and new communications equipment installed.
In 2010 the vessel, renamed the Almirante Montt, went into service as the largest ship in Chile’s fleet. Chile’s navy also purchased a commercial tanker to support its fleet.

Nazi theories growing

An organization of members and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces is promoting Nazi theories, conspiracy theories and extreme right ideas on social networks.
According to information obtained by La Presse, these individuals would find themselves in "Table Rase," a "community" of the extreme right that values "warriors" and "fighting". This group active on the web, is particularly would display in a gym Sports Centre at CFB Valcartier, during combat workshops.
The Facebook page of the organization, which counts nearly 1700 subscribers, including suggesting that the attacks of September 11, 2001, killing of Charlie Hebdo and the Titanic are just fabrications. Table Rase also hosts Nazi quotes and about Adrien Arcand, the Quebec fascist activist who deplored the Nazi defeat in 1945, since it has opened the door to non-Western immigration, underlines La Presse.
According to the Register of Quebec businesses, Clean Slate rests with William Baker, who presents himself as a former member Voltigeurs de Québec. His LinkedIn page says he works as a graphic designer and an infantry soldier for the Canadian Armed Forces.
In an interview with La Presse, he denied being at the head of this community, rather indicating he gave them "a helping hand". Three other employees feed the group's Facebook page, including a man presented as Master Corporal Voltigeurs de Québec, a former corporal in the same unit and a woman who claims to be a soldier in the Canadian Forces, according to La Presse.
Several other people defining themselves as military comment on the Facebook page Blank Slate. The military gives workshops martial arts at the Valcartier base, is also the lot.

Valcartier: mouvement d'extrême droite dans les Forces

Naptime! // HandleBarMustacheLand

Thanks Kerry

Repairing my Downspout

Today, my wife said to me, "Get off your butt and fix that gutter downspout! And, I want it done before the end of the day!"
Well, as you all know, at my age, I, and most of our friends, are retired and do have the time to address such "Honey do's"..
So, I invited some of our neighborhood buddies over to help with the minor project.
One was a sheet metal  fabricator.
One brought his welder.
One brought beer and  Nachos.
One brought a grill and burgers.                
Took us about 6 hours, and  30-40 beers, but we got it done just as we finished off the last of the beer and burgers.
As usual, my wife is still not happy with me!
Can't understand, cause all us guys loved the work done!
Personally, I cannot wait for   rain!  

Thanks Randy

Memories from John McC

Hi Bob, I don't know where Normand digs up all of his material but without a doubt he should be the official archivist of GFPK. His pic on  todays  blog of  Chalmers Store at the corner of Third and Empire brought back some  memories namely (1) my father sending me on my bike to buy a brick of neapolitain(three flavours in one) ice cream for dessert after our sunday dinner and him carefully cutting the brick equally ,depending on how many people were at the table. If he felt he had made a mistake he would wipe the marks he had made on the top of the brick with his knife and start again (2) again on other occasions after we had finished our tasks around the yard on a hot summer day he would send me to Chalmers to buy a six-pack of coke for 36 cents, (3)Old Pop chalmers would sell individual cigarettes for 2 for a nickel (4) it is amazing just how many of our Third Street gang would be hanging around in front of the store on the day and at the proper time when "Big" Bill drove up in his Guaranteed Milk refrigerated truck  to make his regular delivery of iced products to the store and how amazing it was that usually he would always be able to find  a few popsicles the were defective I.E. partially broken etc-- to hand out to us kids and (5) it always amazed me how many of us young people who had spent the day caddying at the Country Club of Montreal and with enough jingle in our jeans to be able to afford a 5 cent bag of Duchess potato chips and a 10 cent large bottle of our favourite beverage ,would fit onto that small porch. Ah the good old days. JMcC

Thanks John..... I have many fond memories of Chalmers as well but also one not so fond but somewhat humorous.... for others

It was 1960 and I was 15.... I was on my way home from Pop's when my stomach began growling and thought I could make it home but around Chalmers it became obvious I probably couldn't but Mrs. C wouldn't let me use her toilet so off I went.... squeezing my cheeks as I tried to prevent that bitch Mother Nature from soiling my drawers...... I made it just past Davises when that she devil let loose.... as I struggle to walk bowlegged down the back road into the barracks (Lawrence Park)... Dave S and Roz were driving toward me in Dave blue and white Meteor wagon.... he rolled down the window and said "what the hells wrong with you, you look like you shit yourself".... I whined "I did"