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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday's Vehicle - 1990 Camaro

Everything Harper does is an "affront to democracy"

Canada-EU trade deal threatened by EU lawmakers

European concerns over environment, sovereignty may sink deal

EU lawmakers are threatening to block a multi-billion dollar trade pact between Canada and the European Union — a blueprint for a much bigger EU-U.S. deal — because it would allow firms to sue governments if they breach the treaty.

The agreement with Canada, a draft of which was seen by Reuters, could increase bilateral trade by one fifth to $37 billion (26 billion euros).

But European consumer and environmental groups say a mechanism in the accord would allow multinationals to bully the EU's 28 governments into doing their bidding regardless of environmental, labour and food laws and would set a bad precedent for the planned EU-U.S. trade pact.

The European Parliament must ratify both the Canada and the U.S. pacts. Since elections in May, the rise of nationalist, Eurosceptic parties in the legislature, many of them opposed to globalization, have complicated the EU's free-trade ambitions.

"The Greens will fight hard to get a majority in the parliament against (the EU-Canada deal)," said Claude Turmes of the Green group, echoing concerns from others in the European Parliament, including the Socialist bloc.

Deal an "affront to democracy"

Tiziana Beghin, an EU lawmaker from Italy's anti-establishment 5-Star Movement who sits on the parliament's influential trade committee, called the EU-Canada deal an "affront to democracy".

"Giving corporations the right to sue governments for loss of anticipated profit would be ridiculous if it were not so dangerous," she told Reuters.

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Biscuits ......

An admiral visits one of the ships under his command. While eating morning tea with the crew he was impressed to see the naval insignia stamped on every biscuit.

He went to the cook to ask how this feat was done, so it could be used on other ships under his command.

The cook replied, "well Admiral, after each one is cut out I just slap it here against my belt buckle which bears the insignia."

Horrified the Admiral exclaims "well that's very un-hygenic!"

The cook shrugs and replies "well if you feel that way sir, I suggest you steer well clear of the donuts."

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Little did they know then

Some of your followers will find this both amusing and telling.

Thanks Ed.... it is way over the heads of my conservative readers

Hello from Europe

Les Diablerets , Switzerland. Glacier 3000. Summer skiing anyone?  Natural glacier at 3000mtrs.

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Old photo's from Greenfield Park/St. Lambert

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday's Vehicle - 1938 Oldsmobile

Harper has abandoned medicare

Council of the Federation: Health Care at Stake at Premiers’ Meeting, but Free Trade Agreements Could Also Undermine Public Health Care

After a poll by Nanos Research, sponsored by the Canadian Health Coalition, showed that 65 per cent of Canadians want the premiers to oppose Harper’s funding changes to health care, the Council of Canadians urges the premiers to push Harper to save and strengthen public health care.

In particular, the Council of Canadians asks our provincial leaders to renew the health accord, implement pharmacare, and protect health care from the EU-Canada free trade agreement.

Renew the Health Accord

The premiers need to push Harper to renew the health care accord. Currently, public health care faces a $36 billion cut over ten years by the Harper government.

“Like the majority of Canadians, we deplore the Harper government's refusal to renew the health accord,” says Maude Barlow, Council of Canadians’ national chairperson. “This will reduce federal transfers to the provinces substantially. It will make it impossible for provinces to maintain health care. Most Canadians can see the writing on the wall: this is the makings of a two-tiered system.”

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Harper: A sociopaths view of sociology

The ideological roots of Stephen Harper’s vendetta against sociology

Harper’s seemingly bizarre beef with sociology is actually an ideological attempt to prevent us from being able to identify, and tackle, our structural injustices.

Stephen Harper really seems to have it out for sociology. In 2013, in response to an alleged plot against a VIA train, Harper remarked that we should not “commit sociology,” but pursue an anti-crime approach. And last week, in response to the death of Tina Fontaine, Harper argued that an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women is not needed, because this is not a “ sociological phenomenon ” but simply a series of individual crimes.

Of course, not only is all crime a sociological phenomenon , but also without a broader sociological analysis we can’t begin to understand why the rates of missing and murdered indigenous women are tragically high compared to non-indigenous women. Furthermore, it’s clear that if rates of violence against non-indigenous women climbed as high as those of indigenous women, this government (even with its woeful record on women’s issues) would be more likely to announce not only a public inquiry but a full-scale national strategy. (This double-standard in how we value human lives is what sociologists call “racism.”)

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When it comes to Canada's indigenous people I am disappointed in my fellow Canadians including my friends and relatives and their attitude that .... we owe them nothing....

We insist they assimilate, but refuse to recognize their differences

We insist that they manage their own communities, but refuse to educate them on how to do it.

We insist they elevate their education but refuse to fund it adequately.

Neo-Conservatives as well as my fellow Canadians insist that we have done more than enough for the indigenous peoples of Canada then turn our backs and do nothing to ensure they have the tools to be self-sufficient.

Give them education.... give them respect...... restore their honour and we will see a people that will lead us in the preservation of our waters, our land and give Canada renewed hope in our future.

They are a people who understand economics and corporate values based on the preservation of the environment..... they believe there is a balance... do you?

Kickin' It In Tennessee

Hello from Europe

At the medieval town of Yviore, France.  Ranked one the 30 top towns to visit in France.
Home on Tuesday next. 2nd golf season starts. Here the price of a round of golf is $150+ euro.


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Very clever ideas that might come in handy

Several of these I already use, others will adopt.  Clever and useful.
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I'll Swim You Across

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D-Day photos, then and now

This one is really, really interesting…
Click on each photo (EXCEPT the first one), each time you click on the photo it fades from then to now…if you keep clicking back and forth you can see the remaining buildings are unchanged…it’s really amazing